Our Core Team

Sl.no Name Qualification Years of Experience Areas of Experience
1 Mr. D.M.R. Sekhar B.Tech-Chemical; M.Sc-Mineral Process; Ph.D 40 years Lead-Zinc Beneficiation; Rock Phosphate Beneficiation; Fluorspar beneficiation; Operation & Processing of Rock Phosphate ore
2 Mr.Sanjay Shukla B.Tech-Chemical 42 years Hydrocarbon industry-fertilizers, Oil & Gas and Pipeline design; Design Engineering; Project coordination and Commissioning operation 
3 Mr.M.K.E. Prasad B.Tech-Chemical; Diploma-Management Studies 45 years Hydrocarbon industry-Refineries, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas processing facilities, LNG; Life Science; Nuclear Industry-Waste Management Systems, Gas Processing systems and Heavy Water & Recovery Systems
4 Mr.Jyothi Swaroop B.Tech-Mechanical;Nuclear Engg 43 years Engineering Design of Oil & Gas Projects including Pressure Vessels, Instrumentation & fire protection. Tendering & bidding of Thermal & Gas based Power Plants
5 Mr. N. Rajasekhara Babu B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering), Graduationship in Industrial Engg. 39 years Manufacturing of Complex Fertilizers, Petrochemical industry, Hydro power, Involved in organic fertilizers production and granulation process.
6 Dr.S.S.Garhia M.Sc- Geology; Ph.D-Geology 36 years Geological and Geotechnical for detail design of Hydro Power Projects
7 Mr.R S Chauhan B.Tech-Mechanical 44 years Design Engineering of Gates, Hydraulics, Penstocks
8 Mr.K.T.Manohar AIME-Mechanical 37 years Construction Management of underground works of Thermal Projects, Gas Power Projects Hydro Power Projects; Cement; Paper Mills Projects
9 Mr. S. S. Jamwal B.E-Electrical 50 years Planning, Erection, Testing, Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance of Hydro Power; Contracts Management; Procurement 
10 Mr. Rajeev Thakur B.E-Electrical; M. Tech-Power System and Electrical Drives 16 years Planning & Design Engineering and Contract Management of Hydro Power Projects; DPR; Tendering & Bid evaluation
11 Mr.N.K.Singh B.E-Civil 24 years Design Engineering of Hydro Power Projects; Planning for project execution and Construction methodology; Design & supervision of fabrication and erection of LPG
12 Mr. N.V.S.Murthy B.E-Civil 31 years Contract & Biding Management including billing and estimation; Construction Management including Supervision; Risk analysis; Project Management; Operation and Maintenance of Infrastructure civil structures 
13 Mr.Atchi Babu Guruvu B.Tech_Mechanical; M.Tech-Industrial Engg 15 years Power & renewables sector planning, controlling, budgeting,
Project Management, Supply chain management, Operational Management and maintenance of Hydro power plants,
Energy scheduling, Energy Trading & Marketing
Risk Analysis & development of Mitigated measures
14 Mr.Shashank B.Tech-Electrical 13 years Planning & Project Management; Quality Assurance and Inspections; Tender & Biding; Execution of electrical works of infrastructure projects; Engineering review of drawings and design of Hydro Power projects; Procurement
15 Mr.V.Shivaram Prasad B.E-Civil 29 years Project Management, Supervision of site executions works, Quality Assurance  / Quality Control, Billing and Monitoring of Hydro Power and Irrigation projects